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  1. Bought a box of 12 individually wrapped discs from supplier in Danbury.

    LM-AD240LU 9.4 GB DVD-RAM being used in a DMR-EH50

    On the disc itself says Type 4 and CPRM

    Within a box, some of these discs
    record just fine on both sides. Some record fine on side1 and not side 2

    some, even on side 1 just return the message "cannot record on the disc. The video system of
    the disc is different."

    What would cause this and what can be done?

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  2. Additional note: trying on another machine. If I record side 1 on the DMR-E100H, side 2 then shows "NO REC"
    But I open a new disk, and put in side 2 first, I am able to record on it. Maddening!
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