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  1. I have a galaxy SII love it great camera.

    anyway I want to "JOIN" clip I make (or cut trim etc..) on the PC. I can do it on the phone but even with dual core its just not very fast

    I have mpeg stream clip GREAT program but for some reason it will not join clips without losing the audio. the video is perfect but no audio after joining files.

    Here is a sample file (24mb) raw from the camera.

    suggestions for lossless join/trim applications that will work with this file? or maybe a setting in mpeg stream clip? I did not see anything but I sure am no expert
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    Have you tried avidemux?

    I tested it and it seems to work fine: (it can only cut at keyframes without reconverting)
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  3. ahhh worked perfectly thank you very much. I even already had it installed. the name threw me (avi demux) so did not even think to try it with 264 files.
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