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  1. i have tried to convert from many converters like avs, xilisoft etc. but in camparison to many torrent uploaders, they turn out to be large and of shitty quality...
    i just adjust audio and video bitrates, but in that same size those guys have better quality(of course, considering the source videos are same)
    so special procedure or softwares do they use?
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    You have to learn how to configure x264, , and then convert with megui or vidcoder to a mkv/mp4 with h264/x264 video.

    ANd your source video must be very blu-ray, hdtv video.
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  3. my two cents:

    if you aim for best quality for a given size it's mainly two things that are important nowadays:
    1. know how to set up the encoder you use properly (no matter if it's Xvid, x264,..)
    -> this isn't really hard, since most tools already come with quite good presets and it mainly boils down to know some basics about what feature X does and what it is ment to do to avoid stupid mistakes (most people end up with some basic settings which they tweak depending on the source)

    2. know when and how to filter your input properly to boost compression without killing to much details
    -> this requires some general understanding about interlacing types (and how to handle them), noise/grain types and knowing which filters are out there and what do they do. Here you normally need to adjust most of the stuff on a per source setting to get near something like a 'best' setting,.. Most people are lazy and still end up with a bunch of filters (with mainly fixed settings) they just en-/disable.

    All in all it's really nothing magic about the encodes you see online most of the time,... to be frank I'm quite sure most of the videos out there are just encoded with some default settings from tool X and that's it. Sure there are some filter gurus out there that really know how to tweak the filters to really help out but most of them will tell you, that all the trouble looking for the right filter and setting combination is normally not really worth the effort for non essential stuff that is not ment as intermediate or real backup or precious material,...

    Cu Selur
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