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  1. At the end of Extracting All chapters, it starts Correcting PTS values which produces a good mpg file.
    But for some movies, it does not run the PTS correction at the end of extraction, which produces mpg file that is playable but have some issue with timeline, fast forward and some player won't even play it.

    Is there anyway to force it to do the PTS correction ?
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  2. I just started using VOB2MPG today and noticed it sometimes did PTS corrections and some times it didn't. I wondered if it was because some videos didn't need PTS correction.

    I've used other programs for lossless converversion of DVDs to MPGS and they didn't do any separate pass for PTS correction but I guess they may have done it at the same time the MPG2 file was being written.

    I didn't have a concern about the sometime correction; I found this thread searching to find out just what PTS correction was.
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  3. that's what I thought too (may be it's not needed for some video), but the output file has issues if no PTS correction is made. It seems like we are not going to get any support from the Developer of VOB2MPG about this.

    BTW, would please share the name of the software that can do lossless converversion of DVDs to MPG ?
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  4. I'll PM the name of the other program; it might be against rules to post it.

    FWIW, as for problems related to PTS correction, my videos play fine regardless of whether VOB2MPG did the correction phase or not. HOWEVER, for me there are bothersome side effects with (and only with) several videos that DID have the correction. As I said, they play fine in WMC, WMP and VLC however, they show a completely bogus length when played in VLC. e.g. a movie 90 minutes long shows an end time of 51 minutes in VLC while showing the correct time in Media Player and Media Center.
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