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  1. I have ripped some DVDs and converted them with VOB2MPG Pro to a .mpg file to play them on my stand alone player (LG HR570S). Two of them I can play normally on the stand alone, but the rest have no audio. Playing the .mpg files on with WMP I have audio.
    I have also tryed to install AC3Filter - without success.

    The only difference:
    Converting the VOB files again I noticed that
    when VOB2MPG gives [80] German (AC3) then I have audio
    when VOB2MPG gives [81] German (AC3) then I have no audio

    Who knows what does the number before the audio stream mean?
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    Does it play properly when you use a player that relies on its own internal codecs, like VLC?

    You might try using ffdshow, and make sure AC3 audio is enabled in it.

    Edit: Oops, I see the problem's on a standalone. Forget the above. My mind's offline, again. Instead, post a MediaInfo report (in Tree View) of one of the videos that isn't working, and we'll see if there's something about it your player might not like.)
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  3. Here are the MediaInfo reports of two movies which have no audio in my stand alone.
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