Lets say I have a folder structure C:/Vids/

If you create a "AlbumArt" jpg-file under the Vids-folder called "folder.jpg", you will be able to see that jpg-file when you stand under C: (as a preview picture of the Vids-folder.)

Is it possible to merge the "folder.jpg" to the start of a video-file that I have placed under C:/Vids/ (e.g C:/Vids/test.avi), into a single video-file? (that is "folder.jpg+test.avi" => "test.avi"

And is there a way to make this work for all kind of video-files (mkv/mpg/WMV ...)?

This would decrease the amount of files in the folders and also the AlbumArt of a video-file would move together with the videofile automatically when you move the videofile in a copy-situation(since folder.jpg is merged into the video-file)

I would like to do this for alot of video-files so the procedure needs to be quick