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  1. Hi all
    Have been struggling to burn home blu ray discs with menu from videos captured by my avchd camcorder which saves them as m2ts files.. Forget editing..I bought blu ray burner and wasted 10 bd-r discs already. I have used , final cut pro x, toast on Mac and sony vegas 11 on windows 7 home premium Sony picture motion browser utility but they all degrade the quality which is appreciable at 145 inch screen I am using to play it. Now I realized if I burn m2ts files on bd-r ps3 will play it with original quality..but it's pain in the neck to play them individually. How can I burn a home blu ray or bd-r disc without decoding recoding process, just use m2ts files but need menu structure. Any help will be appreciated. Willing to buy commercial software
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  2. what kind of avchd? for example, avchd v2 1080p60 will need to be re-encoded (not blu-ray compliant)

    otherwise try multiavchd
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  3. one created by sony hard disk based consumer camcorder HDR-SR12 labelled as 1920x1080i HD, it has 5.1 audio. I burned its files (m2ts) on bd-r just for backup because the camcorder got full and am able to play them on ps3 (not on blu ray player) these file work in windows media player, work in quick time, work on vlc, work on ps3. i just don't get why they have to be recoded for ps3 (I don't mind the time it takes to encode 3 hour videos- its just not the same quality). downloading multiavchd now..
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  4. turns out its H.264/AVC 1920 X 1080 29.97FPS AUDIO dolby digital 5.1 48000 hz. max bit rate is 26 mpbs and noticed that software i have used so far tend to Re-code at 8 or 16 MPBS rate max.
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  5. If it's 1920x1080i60, then they don't need to be re-encoded , just authored (pass through)

    tsmuxer will author a blu-ray disc (without menus) , you can burn with imgburn

    multiavchd can do simple menus
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