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  1. Hi Guys

    I am having a bit of a mare finding a camcorder for both off the gate and off the wall telecine.

    The problem seems that all new camcorders have CMOS censors and I am told they suffer from rolling shutter problems.

    I need some extra zoom as my old 3ccd is only 10x and at the end of it zoom things won't stay focused, I did consider getting a raynox dcr-250 clip on macro but am unsure of focal length.

    So is anyone using a new HD camcorder for telecine ie: Panasonic hdc-sd60 or 80 and having any rolling shutter or shutter spped issues.

    Cheers for any help
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    Regardless of camcorder shutter type, you will commonly get flicker between projector and camcorder anyway. If your projector has a variable speed, that would likely be your best solution to synchronize the projector shutter with the camcorder. It is hard for me to advise what sort of modifications you would need for PAL system. Otherwise, you should do a search on 8mm telecine to see what sort of solutions are done to remedy flicker when shooting PAL.

    As for macro and shooting off the film gate, unless you have frosted glass over the projector bulb, you will not get evenly-spread light across the film gate. Hot spots--even the glowing shape of the bulb filament--can be picked up on the video camera if the regular projector bulb is used unmodified. Also, a macro lens attachment is not always best. You should use a plano-convex lens to magnify the film gate.

    If you search this site using the terms DIY telecine, you should be able to find the solutions others have come up with.
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  3. Hi and thanks for the reply.

    Flicker is not the issue, I can fix that with variable speed.. The issue is it seems some new HD cams suffer from rolling shutter.

    So ultimately I need someone who is using a new gen cam for DIY telecine.

    I have looked into convex lenses but had major issues finding anything in the uk.

    My issue with the current 10x zoom is focus at infinity.. I have a diffuser in front of a 20w lamp with a dimmer.
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    Why is rolling shutter a problem in this case? When the film frame is stationary, it doesn't really matter how the camcorder scans it. And when the film is being advanced you can't capture a meaningful image anyway.
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  5. I am doing real time not frame scanning.

    I got an sd80 and am not having an issue so I'm all
    Fixed up now. Cheers
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