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  1. Good day,

    please, sometime when I recording bigger mpg file with USB device AVerTV TwinStar (which have got DVB-T tuner) then the audio is only in first part of mpg file. For example: mpg have got length 3:19:35 and audio is only in first 55 minutes.
    For recording and scheduling I using "DV scheduler" version 5.61. Provider of DVB-T signal is ok.
    I don't know where is problem. Bad device or software for recording or codec installed on my PC? Device AVerTV TwinStar I bought this month (2/2012).
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    Welcome MrJiriM

    Add system profile information.

    Whether the single is ok rarely matters in dvb-t ... it's more quality of single which counts ... if there's a sudden break in the transmission or quality drop off it can trigger these faults ... capture devices such as these are not tolerant enough.

    Being the device has no audio pass out there's not much you can gain in solving the issue except improve reception ... I hate suggesting these devices because I think there mostly junk but things might improve with a digital booster on the antenna ... make sure its meant for digital, not analog.
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