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  1. Hello, dear all.

    I wanna test the program below:


    How can I emulate it on Windows 7 32 bits? It's possible? The program native system is Linux.


    devil (johner)
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    I don't think you can emulate Linux programs on windows easily... but you can install WMware player (free) + e.g. an Ubunti VMware image like this:
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  3. Depending on your comfort level it may be easier to set up a VM, such as the one above or VirtualBox. Or it may be simpler, esp. since Linux is a free OS, to carve out some disk space and install Linux to the HD. There are pros and cons to each method. With installing on the HD the obvious con is you have to boot into the Linux OS to use your Linux programs. The pro is it may be simpler to just install the OS than to set up a VM if it's your first VM. If it's your first time adding an OS to a machine that already has one you don't want to hose it may be advisable to try it on an "expendable" machine, if you have one, or make a backup image of your entire system to an external drive, if you have one. There are high quality free image backup programs around now.

    If you have broadband and want to try the Linux install to HD I recommend using Mandriva One:

    Don't boot it Live and think that's it. The beauty of the One CD with broadband is you boot it, slice off some disk space, install and select your packages. Anything not on the CD is downloaded right then. On first boot you come up to XWindows window manager in your user account with all the stuff you selected from the Package Manager installed. It's the best simplest install around. Mandrake, like Ubuntu, uses the Debian APT advanced package tool. Makes everything easy to install and run. Mandrake(now called Mandriva) actually came out before Ubuntu and it's implemented better. For some reason Ubuntu got the PR buzz. But I'd use Mandriva any day over Ubuntu. I used Mandrake 9.1 on a Pentium III and it kicked ass!!

    edit: I did things "the hard way" in Linux for quite awhile to learn stuff. Did several releases of Slackware. Once the masochism wore off I tried simpler distros. Redhat, Debian etc.. I tried Mandrake because all my hardware was on the supported list. Man!! That was the easiest to set up and use. Slackware I had to configure X scripts by hand before it would even load X server. Redhat was a bit easier. But Mandrake had tons of free programming software, APT package tool, and the install just worked right out of the box. Smoothest install of any OS I ever tried. Recently I booted up Mandriva 10 One CD just to see if it was still pretty much the same. Felt at home right away. It's the way to go if you want to make things easy on yourself and you want to run the real Linux, not some LiveCD toy version.
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    Fully enabled freeware for Windows PCs.
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    Yet another option: ATTEMPT to compile a Windows build through MinGW
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