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  1. Itīs now only on the text, itīs appearant on other places as well if i rembember correctly.
    try to find something with Much Blue Yellow or Red. like a clear blue sky, or a red carpet etc.

    Hmm weak signal;O?
    I get that on all PAL at some occasions (I think).
    I remember getting it on Xbox PAL, but i donīt think i have ever seen it on NTSC though.

    Spider = VHS
    PAL1 = XBOX

    the Xbox one is playbacking a file, it got black bars and stuff as i havenīt corrected anything. But itīs always on top the red/green appears, atleast that much. (on vcr itīs all over the place).

    Donīt know what you mean that it looks like vhs, if you mean itīs interlaced and got dot crawl all over the place. well i always get dot crawl like mad with PAL, and interlaced is well, itīs composite so itīs always interlaced, though it may appear progressive if both lines appear at the same time, or something like that.
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  2. Originally Posted by DB83 View Post
    If this is not a good sample, maybe someone can suggest some titles which will give good contrasts.
    Hanover bars will show up most on bright, highly saturated colors, in areas of little detail. Some cartoons would be good. I think the stuff on the text is dot crawl artifacts, not hanover bars.
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  3. Member DB83's Avatar
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    Apologies re the comment about the Xbox. I misread the post when I saw the Spider clip as the second one. That was the VHS.

    'fraid that this is the best I can do for a cartoon so it may still not prove anything.
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  4. That doesnīt have the chroma lines;O
    And well it seems that it handles the crawl better than mine, atleast i think so;O
    But sadly i need S-video;S

    And Jagabo, any ideas about my post before with the two clips and 2 photos?
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  5. Originally Posted by zerowalker View Post
    And Jagabo, any ideas about my post before with the two clips and 2 photos?
    Same old hanover bars and dot crawl. Though I wonder why the bars show only at the top of the frame?

    The flickering at the top of the frame is probably on the tape or caused by the VCR. Does it do the same when you watch the tape on TV?
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  6. Hmm havenīt checked that, but i think it appears on game consoles as well if i have PAL, it appears from time to time.
    Will try to make an analysis later.

    But what do you want to be able to determine the "best" chroma blur setting?
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  7. Member DB83's Avatar
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    I appreciate why you would want s-video. Looking at later hauppauge analogue models they do support s-video but most use the connextant chip so you could be back to square one then.

    Pity other PAL users have not jumped in to this topic but I guess most use an easycap !!!

    I saw one of the cards 'Wintv Express' NEW that I have (atleast if memory serves me it is the same one there being so many different models down the years) on Ebay for Ģ25 plus shipping (but that could be extortionate to Sweden)

    Have you considered an ADVC? You will read mixed opinions on here about these but I am quite happy with the results.
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  8. Well probably, itīs the easy way out if you just want to capture.
    And well S-video is pretty much a must for us PAL users, atleast when with the heavy dot crawl i get;S

    Donīt know about it, how does it differ from capture cards?
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  9. Member DB83's Avatar
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    An ADVC does DV and only DV. I will then process that in software (Procoder) before creating the source files for dvd.
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  10. Oh, well i want to be able to capture lossless, so i can do all filtering and encoding aftewards, so i will probably not like it;S
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  11. Originally Posted by zerowalker View Post
    But what do you want to be able to determine the "best" chroma blur setting?
    So far I think MergeChroma(SeparateFields().Blur(0,1).Weave()) is best.
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  12. Okay will go with that if thatīs what you think it best

    And for Dot crawl, santiag() is really awesome, atleast on PAL, i wonder, is there a similar filter like that?
    i found Santiagmod() but donīt really know if itīs any better.
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  13. Originally Posted by zerowalker View Post
    Okay will go with that if thatīs what you think it best
    Don't take my word for it. Compare them for yourself.
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  14. Well, the thing is, i may see a difference, but i donīt know if itīs better or worse, i just see that colors move a bit. nothing more;S
    So i think itīs better to rely on someone who atleast understand what the script does.
    To me i just see it as a chroma line blurrer, not matter how it works.
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  15. Use interleave to switch back and forth between two videos:

    v1 = FilterChain1().Subtitle("1")
    v2 = FilterChain2().Subtitle("2")
    Open the script in VirtualDub and you can flip back and forth between the frames of the two videos using the left and right arrow keys.
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  16. I donīt know what to think here.

    v1 = MergeChroma(SeparateFields().Blur(0,1).Weave()).Su btitle("1")
    v2 = MergeChroma(last, BicubicResize(width,height/2).BilinearResize(width,height)).Subtitle("2")

    It seems to me like the V2 is less accurate, as some lines appear to be less colored if compared to v1.

    Look at this pictures, you probably need to resize them Alot. but see that some lines appear more blur/smudged on V2 than on V1.



    I donīt know what to think, they work totally different depending on place;S
    I donīt know which is looking right or which is looking wrong.

    As sometimes it seems that V2 is leaking colors. but V1 seems to show to much color or something. I donīt know which is correct;S

    EDIT 2:

    Look here, they work totally different, i donīt know whatīs correct or not.
    v1 = MergeChroma(SeparateFields().Blur(0,1).Weave()).co nverttoyv12(interlaced=true).Subtitle("1")
    v2 = MergeChroma(last, BicubicResize(width,height/2).BilinearResize(width,height)).converttoyv12(int erlaced=true).Subtitle("2")

    Added converttoyv12(interlaced=true)*

    After doing QTGMC.Selecteven() on both, i see that V2 totally fail with the chroma, while V1 does well.

    EDIT 3:

    Just noticed i have been using the wrong script..

    v1 = MergeChroma(SeparateFields().Blur(0,1).Weave()).co nverttoyv12(interlaced=true).QTGMC().SelectEven(). Subtitle("1")
    v2 = MergeChroma(last, SeparateFields(last).BilinearResize(width,height/4).BilinearResize(width,height/2).Weave()).converttoyv12(interlaced=true).QTGMC() .SelectEven().Subtitle("2")

    Will compare using this now, and it doesnīt fail with Chroma now.

    Have added a clip now, it seems that V2 keeps the ghost lines better than v1.
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    Image Attached Files
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