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  1. I have transferred some videotape to avi using AVS Video Recorder. When playing back video I notice that the audio is about a half second ahead of the video. This can be distracting on playback. I then convert AVI to M4V (to play on Iphone) using AVS Video Converter. There is no change in video/audio sync.
    Is there adjustments I could make to sync the video and audio so it plays both in time?

    Thank You,

    Don Seddio
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    Please don't post same question in seveal threads. I deleted your other post.

    Capture with something else? Virtualdub.
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  3. Pretty much every A/V container has a setting to delay or advance the audio or video to sync them.
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  4. If it's just a constant shift, I'd listen to jagabo and look for software adjustments. If the audio gets more (or less) at of sync at different times, then it's caused by dropped/duplicated frames.

    If your problem is dropped/duplicated frames, then use Virtualdub if you can. Go to Capture mode with File->Capture AVI and go to the "Capture timing options" with Capture->Timing. Leave EVERYTHING unchecked in the "Capture timing options" window except "Correct video timing for fewer frame drops/inserts." The resync mode should be "Sync audio to video by resampling the audio to a faster or slower rate," and the audio latency determination should be "Automatic." Everything else should be unchecked. Once you exit out of capture mode and exit out of Virtualdub without a crash, these settings should be saved for future use. They're somewhat unorthodox and different from the defaults, but they're by far the most reliable for me and another user (jmac). I never, ever, EVER have any audio sync problems.
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