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  1. Hi, I wanted to use the avisynth script below to overlay a png logo onto a video. It works fine, at least megui does not show any error. My question is, how do I find the coefficient for X and Y? I want the logo to be placed in the upper right corner, how do I do it?

    a1=DirectShowSource("VIDEO SOURCE")
    Overlay(a1,a2,mask=a2.ShowAlpha(), x=xxx, y=yyy)

    Forgive me if I did something wrong, I'm very new to the forum.
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  2. upper left corner would be 0,0

    the position represents x,y coordinates

    for example , if you wanted to shift it over 10 pixels to the right, it would be 10,0

    the upper right corner coordinates would depend on how the dimensions of the logo and video

    you can just experiment in avspmod, push f5 to preview, change the value, and move it until you find the proper coordinate
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  3. Thanks for the answer. I tried X=0 and Y=0, but it places the logo in the upper left corner, how do I shift it in the upper right corner?
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  4. Maybe you misread the entire answer . x=0, y=0 is supposed to be the upper left corner

    (width of video) - (width of logo) is the value of x for the upper right corner
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  5. I thank you again. Using mediainfo I found the resolution, having that, I took off from "1280px" the width of of the logo. Doing this, I found exactly the right corner.
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  6. Oh sorry, I misread the first part. I'll try out avspmod, thanks
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  7. you can use the equation in post #4

    if you don't know width of video, use mediainfo
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