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    Without getting into the details of how this happened, I've got a bunch of videos recovered from a drive with lots of bad sectors. The drive had several copies of many of the videos, so, in short, I've got 2, 3, sometimes 4 copies of a particular video file and I would like to keep just the one with the fewest errors.

    Doing bytewise comparisons between the files show them to all differ, in some respect. So, I'd like to figure out which copy of each is the most pristine and just keep that one.

    So, I kinda need to just run everything through some kind of "player" which doesn't output anywhere and reports about any time it hard to skip over a bad section or frame. I seem to recall that mencoder was able to do something like this, but it also outputted a bunch of impertinent stuff, like all of the descriptions of the streams, whether chapters were detected, blah, blah, blah.

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    ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -i video.avi -f null -

    Hope you've got a nice machine or small videos, if not this could last forever.
    You can even use a bit of bash to processes an entire folder without much effort.
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