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  1. Please suggest, what audio players can convert or encode real time stereo to AC3 or DTS and play it via S/PDIF, possibly via a plugin?

    Also, what audio players can play a playlist using a Graph build by a user in GraphEdit? If only Video players can do it, which video player can play a music play list and offer usual playback features of audio players?

    Separately, what are the best conversion programs for offline conversion of MP3 stereo to uncompressed 5.1, 7.1, AC3 and DTS?
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  2. Quick update... AIMP3 can convert real time and play stereo MP3 to AC3 5.1 S/PDIF via the chain: Virtual Audio Cable - AC3 Filter - DirectSound S/PDIF Out (on-board audio codec).

    Foobar2000 can do the same with some VST plugins.

    KMPlayer can play audio and video by using specified by user graphs compiled in GraphEdit.
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