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  1. Just a thought, I have handbrake which the latest version was out in January 2011
    ALso HD Convert to X (HDC) was last updated October 2010.

    Any reason for this? As i think HDC is really nice to use. Can I update the encoders manually for these programs?
    IS it worth it, should i just learn to use MeGui and Ripbot which use the latest encoders.
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  2. No, because some command line switches have changed with x264 in that time. You can't just drop in an .exe, it would require re-writing parts of the GUI

    You can download a nightly build for handbrake, there are more recent versions

    Or just learn to use a different gui, ripbot is easier to use, megui is harder to use
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  3. I think ripbot has a nice layou and settings list. MeGui is going to take some serious learning.

    I like the fact with HDC I can rebuild a MKV to AVCHD or Bluray structure to burn onto disc. Can Megui do this? Any good programs for this.
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    Nope, but Ripbot264, AVCHDCoder and BDtoAVCHD can and they are updated regularly.
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