If you go to a website and it has a streaming video file you want, I discovered recently if there is a picture you click on that takes you to the video to be played, that if you are using Firefox, you can right click on the picture and chose "copy link location" and paste that into Freemake Video Downloader and it will find the file and start downloading it. I like this method because you don't have to start playing it on the website, which would slow down your download rate.

I also noticed if you are concerned about how many gigabytes you are using to download the files, it is best to put in a just a few files to download at a time, that way it gets quite close to how much you should be using. I used to load in as many as 20 or 30 files to download and walk a way and come back later after a number of hours. What I found out is that it will download the files, but when you check your gigabyte consumption log at your ISP, it can be twice as much as what the files add up to in gigabytes.

I think the program is pretty good at what it can do.