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    My installation of a couple of years refused to open. I uninstalled via Windows 7 Programs & Features and reinstalled. But
    when I try to register I can get to the final screen and click on Register. After about five seconds the registration screen goes away. When I try to open the program, I have go thru the registeration process again.

    I have disabled MS Firewall and MS Security Esssentials and rebooted several times all to no avail.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Did you remember to install to a folder other than 'Program Files' and set to 'Run as Administrator'?

    If so, drop ChrissyBoy a PM and he'll help you out.

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    have you double check the language setting in the Advanced tab unicode setting have to be English, if other language the program windows will turn off by itself after several seconds. It just happed to me.
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