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  1. I bought a DVD that I want to share to some of my friends but they do not speak the language and so I searched for a subtitle file online. I found one and it works. My problem is that using VLC, the subtitles would appear for a while (around 30 minutes or so) and then disappear. The subtitles also disappear when jumping to other segments of the movie, whereas sometimes it may also appear after jumping a chapter, but it does not show up prior to that chapter anymore. I also usually end up getting the following errors (this is not the full log, I just scanned through multiple runs and these errors showed up):

    main error: subpicture heap full
    main error: demux doesn't like DEMUX_GET_TIME
    main error: option sub-original-fps does not exist

    With that, I went on to use MPC where it does work and is perfectly synced in the first 15 minutes and then the sync just gets worse and worse as it goes on through the movie, eventually reaching nearly a 5 second delay by the end of the movie.

    I have attached the subtitle file in hopes of getting further help. Thank you very much, and any help is appreciated

    Edit: I have also gone online and searched these issues but some helped but only to an extent, such as changing the font and/or decoder for VLC where it may/may not work plus if it does work, the same thing happens and the subtitles disappear and would no longer work.

    One more thing, I was hoping to avoid having to rip the movie file and such as I am incredibly inexperienced with ripping and keeping the same quality
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    Try search for the vlc error, subpicture heap full , in the vlc forum,

    The srt looks fine.
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  3. I tried checking the VLC forums but I really can't find a solution :/
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