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  1. I want to know the advantages of connecting a laptop to a HD LCD TV i have at home.
    My max resolution of laptop is 1366x768.

    and my LCD TV is a Full HD 1080p display,when i connect my laptop to this tv will the output be in the max laptop resolution or 1080p???

    and what changes can i expect in audio clarity.

    will i be able to keep the TV display as the default display...meaning when i boot up the laptop..the laptop generic screen is blank and only the TV monitor shows boot...???

    any advice...??
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    The laptop's graphics adapter and audio card will determine the maiximum resolution it can supply and the number of audio channels available using HDMI. There is no way to answer your question about the laptop's maximum resolution without looking up its specs. For that we would need the laptop's make and model.

    The TV's speakers or your home theater system's speakers will play a major role in the sound quality you can get, but it will likely be better than the laptop's internal speakers can provide. The TV settings will need to be changed to use one-to-one pixel mapping. This is often called "just scan" in a TV's aspect ratio settings. The laptop's graphics adapter may also have settings that need adjustment. I don't know for sure if your laptop will remember its video output settings, but I would expect so. You need to test this yourself.
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