I laid hands on an old Nexus (Google/Samsung) phone. I recorded some video. The result was VFR (variable frame rate), thus I found some difficulties in smooth editing with eg. Avidemux. Now, I've also tried recording on Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Gio (Samsung). Both these phones uses VFR for video encoding as well. Also, I believe an older Nokia phones (running Symbian S60, I believe) did VFR on recorded video clips.

This is very unfortunate for me, since I'm (at least to this point of development of software for editing) more of old-fashioned guy who like video to be of a constant frame rate. Now, I thought I'd ask you guys, what about other cell phones? When visiting for instance SonyEricsson.com, I get specifications on how many frames per second (for example) their Xperia Arc can record, but so does Samsung with my mentioned models, yet still it turns out to be only "average", whereas the real deal is VFR.

So, as most developers doesn't speak out if their models in particular kick it VFR or CFR, could you guys share your own experiences? How about HTC phones for instance? Or how about ZTE, or Huawei? Or could it even be so that Android (per se) uses VFR in most of their built-in slash stock video clip recorders? Any idea on great substitutes (using constant frame rates) for this one, if that would be the case? Oh, how about Apple products, eg. iPod/iPhone?

I'd be glad for any input.