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  1. ya, playing the vobs in powerDVD directly is not an indication on how the dvd rip will turn out...sometimes when playing the vobs directly i hear either

    1) no sound
    2) foreign (i.e. french)
    3) director's commentary

    yet, with all 3 situations, as long as you extract the audio from the right track w/'s no problem...

    also, the video aspect ratio might look kinda Loveed up if you play the vobs directly (i.e. widescreen version looks like fullscreen version when playing the vobs w/ powerDVD)
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  2. Yep I ripped it using dvddecryptor 2.4 then used dvd2avi 1.74. U have to select track three as the others are DTS & do as U would normally. Hopefully we are on about the US DTS edition of the film? By the way used tmpeg to encode..

    Cya later

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