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  1. Hi there. I have the DVD version of the movie Road House but I would like to replace the video within the DVD with a Blu Ray source I got, keeping the same DVD structure ie: menu's, special features etc... Is there an relatively easy way to achieve this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.
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    You must rip the movie from the blu-ray and convert to a dvd-video, with for example blu-ray ultimate converter or bdrebuilder(I think it supports it).
    Then use vobblanker to add back the old dvd menu. Not all features, chapters, subtitles, etc will work.

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  3. And what do you expect to get ? If your end goal is to make a DVD5 or DVD9 you have to convert your BD source to be dvd compliant, ie the same as you already have
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  4. Thank you for the tip Baldrick it is appreciated. @ videoburger I'm not expecting much but man is the DVD quality bad on this movie, almost seems like your watching the VHS version of it, the blu ray is what the DVD should have been. Anyhow I'm hoping to keep the same DVD structure whilst putting in the Blu Ray source video, this way I can have a good quality version to be played on DVD players.
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  5. the program dvdremakepro ( will totally be able to do what you want and preserve menus and such, however its not a free program (whereas vobblanker is)
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  6. True DVD Remake Pro is not free but there is a free version DVD Remake that is able to handle 2 DVDs (whereas the Pro can handle 4)

    Is there an relatively easy way to achieve this?
    However it requires knowledge of the programme ... and the structure of a DVD ... and to create a DVD based on the BD source in order to copy PGCs back to to the original DVD ... and perhaps use DVD Shrink or the like in the case the resulting output from the editing exceeds the target size.

    Personally I would consider it much more easy to just to authore a DVD from scratch based on the BD source and if I really wanted the structure from the the original DVD perhaps use screen-shot as background in menus and place navigation buttons on top of that.

    And sandroace in case you are new to making DVD perhaps this video from YouTube may serve as sort of inspiration

    In short. I know of no easy way to get what I think you are after. Merely to take out the video part from your DVD and replace it with a BD version.
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  7. Thank you mazinz for the DVD program I will try it out. Thank you videobruger for the advise and the youtube link. It is much appreciated.
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    How did you fare with this sandroace? I'm looking for help in the same way.
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