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  1. Hi Folks. I hope this subforum is the right place to ask this question. I am trying to construct a website where I can publish all my videos. The requirements are as follows:
    1. At least in the beginning I wish to use a free hosting service. Later when the website is functioning properly I can upgrade to paid service and obtain my own domain name.
    2. I intend to use a website Content Management System especially oriented towards video storage, posting, playing etc. I For this purpose I envisage using an Open Software package like Joomla. Wordpress application is the second best candidate.
    3. I intend to use the hosting service also to store the video clips instead of using a service like Vimeo or Photobucket.
    4. Since I shoot and produce many hours of video of different formats the hosting service should be able to store and support most of the formats including flash.
    I am sure among the audience of this site there are many people experienced and active in this area. Advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Start with vimeo, or . They are free, and offer decent bandwidth

    There aren't any good [i]free[i] hosters with large bandwidth. Most free hosts do not allow video, or have very slow speeds (too slow for SD video even)

    There are "upgraded" paid accounts for vimeo & blip that allow other functions, for example you can download original video from vimeo .

    You can eventually graduate to a paid content deliver network (CDN) cloud hosting service like amazon cloudfront , rackspace, or gogrid
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  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Does anyone use webng? The site seems to have virus. Google issues a warning message when I try to access the site.
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