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  1. This might be a dumb question but that's why I'm asking in the newbie section!

    Is it possible to have media player classic play a video that has mono audio play as stereo? Perhaps a setting or plugin that can do this?

    MPC has sooooo many options and configuration that I actually wouldn't be surprised if this can be done, I don't want to tinker around too much with MPC possibly screwing up my currently working configuration.

    Thanks in advance for any help regarding this
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    Is sound only coming out of one speaker/side?
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  3. Originally Posted by hech54 View Post
    Is sound only coming out of one speaker/side?
    Yes, and when I look at the properties the audio source says mono... But I was thinking maybe theres a setting or plugin I can use with MPC to make it stereo?

    I use ffdshow_rev4257_20120115_clsid_x64.exe and CoreAVC and CoreAAC
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    There are Directshow plugins to make mono a kind of FAKE stereo. I NEVER recommend them (except as obvious gimmick or for side-by-side A/B/X comparison).

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