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  1. I'm having an issue with some of my VHS tapes I'm transferring.

    During playback I seem to get horizontal white lines that move up/down the screen. The picture tends to jump a little bit when the lines appear. On some tapes it appears to be worse than others. I seem to get the same issue on several vcr's I've tried. Some produce slightly better results than others, but not a HUGE improvement.

    I'm wondering if this could be due to the vcr (at the time this was recorded 110-15 years ago) was out of alignment? These were recorded in SLP/EP mode and each tape contains about 5-6 hours of content on T-120 tapes.

    Would taking one of my vcr's to a repair shop and having it "misaligned" to the tape help at all? Since most of the tapes I'm having this issue on were recorded on that vcr, it should help for all those tapes right?

    I notice that when rewinding or fastforwarding, I don't see the lines in the it obviously recorded the material at one time.

    Any help, feedback, insight would be great.
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    Can you post a screencap or short clip of the "lines"?
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