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  1. Hello all,

    Is there a way of including sub-titles into the conversion process of VOB2MPG?

    If this has been answered elsewhere, please forgive me.

    I'm just looking for a quick & easy way to include them in the finished mpg file.

    Its amazing just how many movies have them in some small capacity!!

    For example, I have a feeling that all 6 Star Wars movies incorporate an alien language subtitle at several points!!

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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    See . If you want burned in subtitles in the video you must use something else.
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  3. Thanks for the reply Baldrick.

    Since you posted your comments, I have trawled countless forums looking for a quick & easy fix. By all accounts, the remedy involves tools, demuxing/remuxing etc...

    Just so I've got this straight; an "mpeg2" file is a "container" for just a video & audio stream, correct?

    Whereas a "VOB" file is a "container" that contains video, audio and multiple sub-title streams, correct?

    If so, then I surmise that in order to have sub-titles in an mpeg, I need to embed them into the video stream, rather than having them as a seperate entity. And this needs to happen before converting a VOB to mpeg..

    This might explain why sections of converted mpeg movies skip past scenes where there are subtitles...

    In reality, they were removed/sliced out from the file during the VOB2MPG conversion process...

    I know there's loads of forums that promise a quick & easy solution, but if there's a step-by-step tutorial that encompass' configuration of software down to finished mpeg2, I'd dearly love to read it.

    Apologies to all if this is a total no-brainer dumb-ass request

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  4. Member ChrissyBoy's Avatar
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    What player are you using? The subs should be still in the mpeg. VOB2MPG doesn't strip them.
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  5. Hello Chrissyboy, many thanks for replying to my request.

    Since my previous post, I've done a lot more research & testing on VOB's, mpg's and subtitles.

    You are correct, the subs do carry over during a vob2mpg conversion.

    And with the right player (VLC) you can manually switch them on or off.

    So to fine tune my problem a bit more;

    I wish to have the sub-titles "forced on" at all times.

    From what I've read, this can only be acheived by getting inside the vob or mpg and making precise & delicate adjustments to the sub-title stream.

    Is this correct and if so, is there a dummy's guide somewhere that can provide simple steps to make it happen please?

    All in all, VOB2MPG is an outstanding program that I use regularly.

    Definitely well worth paying out the small amount of money for the Pro version too!!

    It is just so neat having DVD's on my NAS server in a lossless mpg format.

    Not only does this eliminate the possibility of ever damaging the original disc, it also allows for streaming to DLNA devices on my home LAN network.

    Hope someone can help me out here please?

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  6. I think either handbrake or mencoder can do hardcoding of subtitles. Hanbrake is relatively easy to use, so start with that one.
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  7. Thanks for all the good advice everyone.

    I've found the answer in TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5.

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