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    I used the search function here but ap-411 returned nothing.

    Realizing that 85 USD is peanuts compared to many of the "tools" discussed in these forums, this seems to be a pretty steep markup for a tiny plastic box with such limited utility. A brand new, fully functional, low-end AV receiver with dedicated stereo audio sync adjustments is not much more than twice this price.

    Is there no other option available currently?

    I'm simply trying to utilize the stereo analog output behind my Samsung plasma television set to operate a stereo integrated receiver. The receiver is only used to feed headphones for a hearing impaired member of the family.

    The analog jack on the set is approx 80ms ahead of the screen and internal speakers. There is no internal adjustment on the set for correcting this. I wish to be able to use the set's internal speakers for general use as well as the headphones for the hearing impaired. 80ms produces horrible echo for the headphone wearer as well as lip sync problems with the video. I really do not wish to invest in surround sound, speakers, amps, wires, etc, to address this small problem.

    The optical output behind the set does have audio delay adjustment available. I ordered and received a 22 dollar optical to analog stereo converter from Monoprice. In this way I was able to adjust the audio sync via the television's menu GUI fader control to 80ms which was perfect! But unfortunately was not able to get audio from this port when using any device connected to the television via HDMI (home PC and blu ray player for instance). I spent a few hours with monoprice and samsung on the telephone unable to resolve the issue.

    I had to return the 22 dollar converter to monoprice.

    I know, I know...... I'm already many hundreds of dollars in lost sweat equity here so what's another 85? It still just pains me to spend it on this little box knowing what's essentially inside of it.

    Any other options to suggest? Either another manufacturer or even another approach/remedy?

    Thanks so much.
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    This is interesting. Not seen this before.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  4. If it's of any interest to anyone, that AP-411 has some clear deficits. Beyond the fact, as I mentioned, that it is a single function plastic box with little real hardware, it is only adjustable to 50ms increments. No, that is not obvious on the face. I had suspected that it was far more variable, but I finally located a fuller spec sheet on it that pointed out the increments. 50ms may be fine for correcting the grossest lip sync errors for most users, but for any attempt at reducing echo between sources, it would be a disappointment. If it were 14.95, as it should be, it might be worth overlooking such limitations.

    So, for a little over twice the price, at 200 USD, the next best option is ....
    Name:  temp_rts200.jpg
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    wth 1ms increments, an led display, a remote, and all included cabling, the choice between this unit and the AP-411 is pretty obvious.

    Of course, for the same price you can get a pretty nice full featured (new, old-stock) Yamaha HTR-6230 500watt 5.1 receiver with built in 0 -250ms lip sync delay feature included
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    You can adjust the sync via remote on this one too. So you get "all of the above" with a decent amplifier thrown into the bargain.

    Going upwards in cost from here are dedicated lip-sync units with programmable features such as...

    What a HUGE PITA Samsung has created for some of us by not simply syncing the aux audio output with the screen as they did with the internal speaker output.
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