On the web forum site oriented to helping you build new overclock systems I asked the question which of these inexpensive CPU coolers is better. I also told him I was thinking of buying P9X79 PRO motherboard and was asked why inexpensive cooler if I am thinking of buying a $300 plus motherboard. My answer was a asus was the only brand of motherboards which had DTS Surround Sensation and all of these motherboard from the asus brand, which include DTS Surround Sensation, were rather pricey ones. In response to that I was suggested to look at Asus Xonar Essence soundcard. He also stated that no onboard sound system is as good as a soundcard especially if you are interested in virtual surround sound. While the soundcard he recommended as a little too pricey for me probably, but Xonar DX is not pricey at all and said to offer virtual surround sound. So what do you think on getting Xonar DX soundcard instead of getting a DTS Surround Sensation motherboard. I thought from listening to demos on the web DTS Surround Sensation was the best virtual Surround one could get. But asus, MSI, Gigabyte and others also offers budget priced motherboards which will accommodate a Xonar DX soundcard. So would this be better for a budget minded person who is looking to expand his budget to get the best possible virtual surround sound. Incidentally the sound system I will be using this virtual surround over includes a very good old power amplifier and my Bose 901 speakers which I love, not headphones.

Another question about this soundcard can you only get sound off the back of it. Or will it provide you with another choice when you personalized your sound system with Windows 7 interface. I watch my television and listen to my music videos by feeding over a long HDMI cable. And will soundcard enable me to hear what it provide via a video card's HDMI output? Still another question is a soundcard which is PCI express 1 fit into a PCI Express 16 slot?