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  1. So the other day, I downloaded torrents of the Blu-ray version of an anime I like onto my Macbook Pro. I've tried to play them on multiple media players, but none of them work.

    VLC - audio plays, but the video is just a blank green screen.

    Quicktime - says I need Quicktime 7.

    Quicktime 7 - plays video, but claims I need an upgrade of some sort to play the audio as well. It doesn't tell me what that upgrade is.

    DivX Plus Player - same, plays video but not audio. According to this media player, "This file contains a track in an unknown format (code "4294967295") format. You may need to install a QuickTime™ component for this audio format in order to hear the soundtrack of this file." Again, it doesn't tell me what exactly I need.

    Does anyone know how to help me?
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  3. Hey, that's perfect. Thanks!
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