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  1. A goofy problem I couldn't find referenced anywhere here, so I thought I'd ask in case anybody else has encountered it. I'm making an AVCHD from an mkv file using tsmuxer. The subs are in .srt format. Everything goes fine except that I'm trying to make yellow subs on my disc and they always come out green. The other sub settings, like border, font, size, etc. respond as I want them to, but the color insists on being green. I select yellow as the option, click OK to close the color selection window, and when I open the window up it's green that's selected! Everything accepts my commands except the color. Anyone else come across this? Thanks for any info.

    UPDATE: even weirder. ANY color except yellow stays selected; it's only yellow that changes to green as soon as I close the settings window.
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    Try avchdcoder, bdtoavchd or multiavchd instead. They are very good mkv to avchd converters/remultiplexers.
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  3. Thanks, I'll try them.
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