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  1. I have an older DVD-recorder Samsung dvd-r 121 and it says disc error on all new dvd-rw I through on it. I guess the recorder need a new firm-ware, but canīt find any. Do any of you know if there is any firmware available or is it no option but throw it a way?
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    Firmware doesn't fix broken stuff.
    Good quality DVD-R media is cheap these says. I'd just use those and stop using RW discs. The first thing to "go" on my old Philips recorder was the ability to use RW discs.
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  3. But it plays old RW discs that have been initialized earlier. Itīs all these new disc I try that give the error after the initializing process. I thought it might be because they are newer and the firmware needed an update, but I donīt know....
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