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  1. Am trying to burn-in the subtitles into a foreign film being converted from VOB to MP4 but the "VOB Subtitles" box is greyed-out.

    Is there another way to get it to see them? Have tried with several different VOBs and it can't see them on any of them.

    Also, is there a way to load them in from an srt file and have them burned-in?
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    Don't just open the vob, select the entire video_ts folder.
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  3. Thanks Baldrick for the speedy reply. I finally did get the interface to 'see' the imbedded VOB, but it makes me convert to AVI to do it. This is kinda disappointing. I would never normally convert to AVI because of its spotty compatibility and rather cpu-intensive playback. MP4 is really the only universal choice these days. Have decided to simply use Handbrake.

    I really like FFMpegX's awesome speed, but it is just too arbitrary about what it will and won't do.

    Thanks again.
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