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  1. Hi I am running out of space on my drobo and have some TV series where i am less concerned about rez/quality (like comedies) and am looking to save some space. I wanted to convert some of my series to a more efficient format and realize that converting from one lossy to another lossy format will result in a bit of... loss but I wanted to check and see if there are some particulr settings that might yeild better results and still reduce the MBs (am hoping to reduce 350mb xvid/avi shows down to say 250mb x264 mkv shows).

    Also, i currently use handbrake, great great programs for doing one show at a time but doing this in batch (for some series that have over 150 shows) can be a bit of a pain so any recommendations for other more batch oriented programs would be appreciated (tried SUPER but found it to be really finicky).


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    Maybe , select folder, preset and convert.
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