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  1. I have a text file exported from the movie collectorz program and I want to add my DVD collection to xbmc through stub files. I found this code and modified it to give me the files.

    for /f "tokens=*" %%l in (aaa.txt) do echo %%l > "%%l.dvd.disc"
    now Im realizing I want to create a directory named from the list and place the created file into that directory. also I want to add the xml into the file -

      <message>%moviename% is located in the DVD rack</message>

    where "moviename" is taken from the aaa.txt file this is way beyond my tiny brains ability so I need help....LMAO

    the text file looks like this...

    The Adjustment Bureau (2010)
    Alien (1979)
    Aliens (1986)
    Alien (1992)
    Alien:_Resurrection (1997)
    Alien Vs. Predator (2004)
    Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem (2007)
    Apollo 18 (2011)
    Avatar (Extended_Cut) (2010)
    Back To The Future (1985)
    Back To The Future II (1989)
    Back To The Future III (1990)

    and I want to end up with...

    a Dir named "The Adjustment Bureau (2010)" with a file named "The Adjustment Bureau (2010).DVD.Disc" in it and the file to contain the xml code from above with "The Adjustment Bureau (2010)" as the moviename.

    I have spent hours trying different things and all have failed (and failed well I might add...LOL) I have almost 3,000 DVDS and would hate to have to do this by hand. and I'm sure others could use something similar

    is a bat file the best thing to use? would vbs be better? anyone know of a program that will do this? any help or thoughts welcome.
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  2. OK I got a working set of scripts. the first one makes the files and the second one creates a folder from the filename and moves the file into it.

    Im running into one problem, some of the movies contain an ":" which screws that filename up. I've tried putting a ^ in front of the colon in the text file but this don't help. is there a way to replace it or parse it or clean it in the script?
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    Ask in the newsgroup news://alt.msdos.batch.nt, which you can access via Google if you don't have a usenet account:

    It's illegal to have a colon in filename, so you'd want to convert or filter it out.
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  4. Okay i have a important question...
    im creating a generator for text file code
    i want to create a batch file that can create another batch file, this isn't the problem though.
    by looking at the code below you can clearly see that this isn't a problem.

    echo @echo off >> %Name%.txt
    echo if not exist "C:\%directoryname%" start "%~dp0\file.vbs" >> %Name%.txt

    ^^^^^ current directory | ^^^^^ sends to text file

    as you can see here the current directory command is (%~dp0) but when i send it to the text file it displays the actual directory.
    for example ("%~dp0\file.vbs" >> %Name%.txt) displays in a text file named (%Name%.txt) on my current pc this...


    i don't want it to display the actual directory into the text file but instead the original command (%~dp0).
    i cant find the solution on the internet and i cant escape the special characters with the carrot sign "^" because the code that i'm sending into
    the text file is'nt vbs script. is there a way around this?

    in the text file this is what i would like it to display~

    @echo off
    if not exist "C:\%directoryname%" start "%~dp0\file.vbs" >> %Name%.txt

    not this~

    @echo off
    if not exist "C:\%directoryname%" start "C:\Users\Zask\Desktop\gen\\file.vbs" >> %Name%.txt

    thank u for the help
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  5. instead of
    that extra % would escape that % and also %~dp0 ends with \ so it does not have to be included
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  6. thank you so very much
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