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  1. Two Questions:

    1. I'm buying a Blu-ray writer. I'd prefer to get one that's BDXL ready, I've only found one (the Pioneer "BDR-206MBK" ), and that one is in short supply. Does anyone know of a list of BDXL Drives?

    2. Where can I find the best prices on BD media, particular 50 GB discs?

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    That Pioneer model is currently the only model that supports bdxl

    either Ebay or supermediastore or Amazon carry 50's...they're all close to the same price. Some eBay prices you can get em for as low as $4 each...($40+ for a 10 pack)...Just depends on what's been posted and if it's a good day
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    Nope, not true.

    The Pioneer BDR-206M was the first burner supporting BDXL, but there are already others around:

    1. Buffalo (Pioneer rebadges, internal and external)
    2. Samsung 506 (IIRC, external slim type)
    3. Sony ??? (external and internal)
    4. Pioneer BDR-207J (out in .jp >>> can burn 6x to BDR-XL!!!)

    If you only want to burn to BD-R DL and DL and not TL and QL, then just grab an actual 8x, 10x or 12x rated eg. from Samsung, Liteon or LG and you will be pleased.
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