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    Last week I began the long daunting process of ripping my entire DVD collection, thus far I have been ripping them with AnyDVD as ISOs. I have since found out that my server is not powerful enough to transcode 720p videos. I have been searching for the last few days the perfect format to "stream" to my PS3. If anyone has any tips on how I should be going about this, please let me know.

    Essentially, I need the perfect format/codec and an efficient program to rip the movies to said format/codec.
    I would prefer to do the ripping and conversion within the same program. (If possible)

    Workstation Specs:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Intel Core i5 @3.60 GHz
    8.00GB RAM
    x1 500GB
    x1 150GB SSD
    x2 1TB RAID 0

    Server Specs:
    Windows Home Server 2011
    AMD Athlon @2.9GHz
    6.00GB RAM
    x1 300GB
    x2 3TB RAID0 - Storage

    My current setup: DVD/BluRay >> AnyDVD: Rip to Image >> Workstation HDD >> Server 5TB

    If I am seriously missing something, please call don't be nervous to let me know.
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    You are missing a media player that support DVD ISO images. PS3 is not any good media player.
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