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    Hello to all, first time poster here. Sorry if my questions are stupid ^^

    Anyway, my issue right now is this: I've got a video ripped from Blu-Ray that has a huge audio sync problem on MPCHC that does not happen on WMP.

    This happens because MPCHC skips the various logos of the companies that made/distribute the movie, while WMP shows all of them.

    I realize I can do audio time shifting on MPCHC to solve the sync problem or just watch it on WMP, but I'd still like to know if it is possible to enable showing the intro. Looking around in the options, I did not find anything obvious.

    Thanks in advance
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    A video? BDMV folder or MKV or ?

    And you can try latest mpchc beta or if you already do that then get the last official version.
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