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  1. I'm looking into buying a new tv and plan to use the DLNA feature to stream media from my mac and/or a drobo (which i believe has a dlna app?)

    Anyway, I've been getting conflicting information about compatibility. Some have said that the brand of TV doesn't matter and that they can all play the same file formats equally. One explanation being that as long as the computer (or app on the drobo) can read the file, it can stream it to the TV. Others have told me that some TV brands have greater compatibility with more file formats, etc...

    Does anyone know the correct answer?

    BTW, this is the TV I am considering...
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  2. I am planning to gift a big LED TV to my parents on their anniversary, so I am searching for best TV brands. Please suggest some good brands; I will prefer brands as per sound quality and picture quality. Once my parents asked me first time for something so I am trying my best to provide them best brand. Help! Thank you in advance.
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    If what you are playing from can read it then your TV should be able to show it. It's pretty easy to recommend Samsung. I've had one for about 4 years and have not had any problems and it still looks as good as it did the first day.
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