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  1. I dont know where to post this question.
    I searched all the regions hacks for Sony's and found one that almost worked.
    I followed these instructions exactly and the screens come up except on the last screen where it displays the region, there is no method to change the region. If I select, Next, it goes away. If I type in a number it goes to the previous screen, any help. I really would like to play a DVD from England on a US Sony

    -Turn TV onto input channel (the one used to watch DVDs normally)
    -Press Title, clear, power on DVD remote in rapid succession
    -Go to 0 for Syscon Diagnosis
    -Go to 2 for Version
    -Go to 5 for Region
    -Enter the region desired (01-05). This part just doesn't work, no way to enter or change the region.

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    Hacks for your player are here: ...But one reply said a mod chip was required for them to work. Some countries require that all DVD players can be made region free and players sold there may have a mod chip or different firmware which allows it. The same model sold in the US may not be hackable.

    Welcome to VideoHelp. A couple of suggestions about using this forum... Posting a question about hacking your model in threads about region-free hacks for other models is unlikely to get you a useful answer. Plus, cross-posting and thread hijacking violate forum rules.
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  3. thanks for the response. I checked t hat thread and was unable to post to it, it said it was not a forum, so I dont know where to post. I think its not possible based on that thread, that I need a mod chip whatever that is, and another person said it was not likely to be able to change region on a US Sony.
    He suggested ripping the dvd to another disc. I might try that.
    Is there is another forum for me to post to, I would be glad to but I can't figure out where that would be.
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    So you want to play Region 2 dvd's (England) in a Region 1 dvd player (U.S.)...

    Ripping the R2 dvd to your PC and burning back to a DVDR will remove the region coding, but there is another issue....

    The U.S. is NTSC video format and England is PAL video format, and i doubt your $ONY dvd player will convert PAL to NTSC.

    $ony's are notorious for throwing up a message that say's the dvd you are trying to play is the incorrect region even when it is region free just because it is in PAL format and not NTSC.
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  5. Thanks for the reply.
    I will try ripping it and burning it but it sounds like I am out of luck with my sony player either way.
    I will be able to watch it on my pc when I get one.
    just wanted to try it on the tv.
    its a dvd t hat was never released in the states
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