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  1. OK... 1) If you are going to capture any toons, you must apply temporal, noise and spacial filters to get solid colors (mpeg compression is grateful of solid colors and no random floating points)
    2) In the case that you canīt capture directly in Virtuadub (w/huff 352x480 recomended and then deinterlace and resize to 352x240) because you are at work, my alternative is capture in mpg high bitrate to keep details and donīt get a big file (30 min +/- 2.2 gig), so I can save up to 7 chapters and then process each one to avi, apply filters, and reencode to VCD mpg.
    3) Now Iīm trying to capture directly in virtualdub w/vd_start posted few days ago, and then using a program that sends keystrokes to windows opened, I managed to frameserv to TMPenc so in the next morning I get a vcd mpg ready to cut commercials, and a bath file that deletes the avi file created during capture. HD ready to capture at 20:00 again. (the whole thing is minimun intervention!)
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    On 2001-06-30 20:29:18, patrickm wrote:

    not that there's anything wrong with your program, for him i just don't think it's the best solution.

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    I was just responding to what he said -- "The VCD quality of AIW is awful." -- I wanted to point out that the AIW default setting for VCD is poor but it doesnt have to be

    I also agree it probably isn't the solution for what he wants as a final result


    you might want to look into capturing with VirtualDub and a lossless codec to AVI then converting it to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 ... thats probably your best bet for quality

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