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    I love ripbot. I've been using it to rip my blurays onto my NAS and been looking to do the same with my extensive DVD collection (until I purchase their bluray counterpart).

    While ripbot works great for blurays, I don't get the same video quality results I do with dvds. I set my CQ to 18 but the pictures looks jagged (like playing interlaced). So I searched around and someone suggested the source may be interlaced. So I selected the interlaced profile and it looks worse (ghosting effect added like true interlace issues). The only other issue I can think was that the picture is being stretched, causing it to show jaggies but the source and output match their respective resolutions (720x480).

    Lastly, I tried Handbrake. Jaggies are gone but quality isn't that great (which is why I prefer ripbot). Between the two, I noticed that ripbot recorded the video at ~29 fps while Handbrake recorded at ~59 fps.

    Any ideas what is going on?
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  2. jandor2009
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    Just use the new version: RipBot264 v1.17.0

    Version history:

    Added: Distributed Encoding for DVD/HD-DVD/BD sources (see RipBot264 Distributed Encoding Tutorial)
    Added: BATCH MODE
    Added: COPY STREAM for video (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray ONLY)
    Added: Blu-Ray playlist is now editable
    Added: DVD will be first pre-processed by PgcDemux in order to avoid A/V sync issues
    Added: VSfilter in Haali Media Spliter is now automatically disabled (no more accidental hardcoded subs)
    Added: Force subtitles for MKV and AVCHD
    Changed: CT-AAC encoder to FhG AAC (Reason:
    Updated: avs2yuv 0.24 BM mod 2, FFMPEG 2011-12-26, MediaInfo 0.7.52, MKVToolnix 5.2.0, remuxtool 1.2.5, VSFilter 2.40.3904, x264 r2120
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