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    I would appreciate anyone's input into the best setup for streaming blu-ray movies. I have a large collection of blu-ray movies I would like to stream. It seems most people that stream use MKV container format. Would this be the best format? I would like to get the best video quality at the smallest size. I have seen 8GB suggested. Would 8GB suffice? I have 50" Pio Kuro.

    Also, if anyone could comment on how they are storing their blu-ray movies such as how large, ie number of TBs, number of drives, internal or external etc.. I am just not too familiar with the best way to store this and stream it to my TV. I going to purchase a Dune Smart D1 soon and will be using this to stream movies.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    blu-ray players with dlna, wired 10/100/1000 network throughout house and a couple nas units here.

    blu-ray disc to mkv size can be anywhere from 4 to 20GB per disc depending on original running time and quality i want.
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