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  1. Hi,

    I have recorded video from vhs player through mpeg hardware encoder.
    The final movie size(mpg) is about 8 GB. So, I thought It will be ease to split it on 2 dvd.

    However PD in high quality mode (when creating vob files) needs about 11 GB!

    I have choosen Smart Fit for the half of the movie, but I think that the final product's
    quality is lower the original recorded file.

    Why is that? Or should I use another better DVD authoring tool?
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    Is your mpg dvd compliant? See and identify the mpg settings with mediainfo.

    If so then should you be able to author it without reconversion. Maybe not with PowerDirector but with tmpgenc authoring works or some free author app like dvdstyler, guifordvdauthor, dvdflick(be sure to select not convert dvd mpg compliant video).
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  3. Thank you for help. According to mediainfo it seems to me that my file is dvd compliant.
    I have included screenshot of the program's window. Could you confirm that it is truth?

    I will check these programs, Thanks!
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  4. very few professional authoring software has copy - no re-encode mode, most of them re-encode.
    two main resons for size increase
    1) PD might have re-encoded source video to higher bit-rate.
    2) padding while convering mpg-to-vob.

    if your source mpg is dvd compliant, try using avstodvd, dvdflick on short-small-sized sample and compare same with PD.
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  5. Does the tmpgenc authoring works have an option: "not convert dvd mpg compliant video"? If yes where can i find it?
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