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    I plan on installing 64GB SSD for a boot drive only. I've been reading a bit about these drives and a few basic/lay questions elude me.

    1. Will I be able to just plug the drive in and the MB/BIOS will automatically see it like a normal HDD? (I have a new MB)

    2. The most common thread about these drives and it's success in being installed is the enabling of AHCI. I'm been doing this for my eSata usability for quite some time so I know how to do that but another thought came to me....Will I have to plug this drive into any particular SATA port or will any one port do? (no other drive will be connected internally)

    3. TRIM seems to be the common thread for the SSD to last a long and reasonable amount of time. Will Windows automatically enable TRIM or will I have to do that manually?

    4. Does the SSD produce the same amount of heat as a normal HDD? If an SSD is flash based then my thumb drives sure get awfully warm. Will I need to place a fan around or near it to keep it cool etc?
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  2. 1) Yes.

    2) Use port 0.

    3) Running WEI should let Windows 7 know it's an SSD. Enable TRIM from command prompt: "fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0". Verify from command prompt that TRIM is enabled: "fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify".

    4) Supposedly they run very cool, and my two SSDs both run cool to the touch.
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