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  1. Hi All, this is the first post on the forum - as I have had huge success in the past grabbing a hack and getting it to work.... this is the first one that has stumped me. Most of my hacks have been to play my kids region2 movies from the family in Denmark. Now we've moved to denmark - and - duh - I figured I would buy a new hackable player before coming over.....

    So I bought a Samsung Ht-D5300. Region 1, bought in the states. I checked the forum first - to see if there were in fact hacks available (check). I want to set it to region free.

    There seem to be a bunch of region hacks out there that are similar:

    Here's what I have been doing:

    Power on (clears RAM....)
    no disc in player
    player in the 'home screen' on video (with the bouncing musical note)
    at the 'no-disc' on the front screen
    2 9 3 3 4

    I get nada in form of response from the unit.

    I have assumed to use 29334 as it is a region 1 player. I have also tried the 57538 code (region 2). I have not tried all the other codes to see if they draw a response from the unit.

    I'm hoping to appeal to you good folk that know a bit (lot) more than me on this stuff. I have now read (too late!) that samsung is pretty tight on this stuff and controls it strongly.

    I have trawled through the forums - and even seen some notes wondering if the hacks posted for the samsung products are in fact real...... hmmmm

    ANY help is really appreciated!

    thanks in advance!
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  2. So, just called samsung. Went through a few reps and got nothing of real use.

    Sat in front of the TV and tried the cycle a few more times.... losing hope....

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    blu-ray players are not designed to be made region free.

    just rip the dvds and make region free copies.
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