A couple of questions about encoding with FFMpegX on Mac;

1. I downloaded an .Avi file which has 3 languages wired into it. When I prepare to encode it in FFmpegX with Audio Track 1 selected (English) and preview test it, it comes out ok in English. Then when I encode it, it creates a separate audio file, but when I I load it into Toast 11 to burn and go to Edit mode to test the audio, it comes out in all 3 languages instead of one. I can isolate the English track in VLC for playback, but I can't figure out how to encode it only in English so it will burn with only that track in Toast for burning?

2. What settings should I used in FFmpegX for Audio Codec?

3. Also when I try adding subtitles to some files in FFmpegX, I often get an audio file created which comes out with an extension I can't read, like .mp%C3s%EC and without the proper extension name, I can't then successfully add the audio file to the subtitled and encoded video file...Any hints on how to have the audio file created with the right extension name?

Thanks in advance for any tips which might help solve these issues...