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  1. Hi. Hopefully someone here can help me. I was a frequent user of a while ago but sort of stopped doing much video work as my kids got older. Anyhow, noe here's my problem : A DVD I made several years ago is missing. It was a major project combining years of photos and DV Camcorder footage. I still have the "project file" for Movie Edit Pro 15 (MEP 15) and can reproduce the video quickly. Howver, my problem is that in several cases I have video with no audio, even though the .wav file appears to exist.

    I cannot remember what program I used for capture of DV; could have been WinDv or MEP 15. Actually I used several for different parts which is why I think I now have some still fine and some not right. I do recall switching to a capture typw that created ONE .avi file for both audio and video as it is much easier to use. The files that work fine look to NOT have a seperate .wav file created, so the .avi contains both video and audio. I checked using DVdate and the ones that work are type 2 dvsd 48,000 Hz PCM audio. The ones with just sound are the same but wih no audio.

    So, on the files that seem to have been captured with video and audio seperate, .avi and .wav , Is there any way to get them back working? The .wav has a VERY faint sound at the beginning of the clip but nothing else. I know at one time they worked, so I assume I have lost or deleted some important "linking" file.

    The other files created, let's say from the original file Test.avi , I have the following 5 files / extensions :
    Test.avi , Test.wav, Test.HO, Test.HDP and Test.adv .

    Does anyone know any way to get my audio back properly?

    Thanks for any help!
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  2. OK, this is a bit embarrasing... I continued to google my "issue" and finally found a thread describing my problem exactly! I read through it and found the solution - one speaker on my monitor is not working and the audio was only on that speaker! So, with proper speakers the sound is fine! Whewww !!!

    Now, the embarrasing part... The thread I found was on the MEP help website. The original poster??? ME . I had found the problem a few years back and forgotten. My left speaker still doesn't work, so... same problem, same solution!
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    We all do stuff like that at times. I was wondering if you are using stereo audio and put the audio on both channels? It sounded like you were only using one channel. If so, easy enough to 'clone' the original channel to two channels. I use Audacity for that.
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