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  1. I have my 46 in. LCD TV connected to my PC via a DVI to HD cable. It's a clone of what is seen on my PC monitor. Whenever I play larger, HD-quality videos on my the TV, the video splits in two, with a horizontal line across the middle of it. It's like the top half is slower than the bottom half or vice versa. It's so fast, it's hard to tell which. All I see is a line across the middle of the screen. It mostly shows up during movements on screen. This does not occur on my smaller PC monitor. I use vlc and mpc.

    My PC and TV are both over 5 years old, including all the PC's components. Do I need to upgrade my video card or CPU to make this go away?
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  2. Thank you very much. Now I know what tearing is. I'm tinkering the settings a bit. I'll be back in a minute.
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  3. Ok. I think I got it. I figured out how to use Nvidia Control Panel properly. Got it to make the TV primary and keep them as clones. No tearing like before that I can see now. Thank you again.
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  4. Most graphics cards can only output to one of the displays without tearing -- usually whichever is designated as the primary output. Go to the graphics card's setup applet and change which output is the primary output. If that doesn't help try switching cables at the graphics card's outputs.

    Nevermind. It looks like you got it figured out.
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  5. It's working great . I have no idea how I went this long without fixing it haha.
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