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    I've been making custom PC gaming videos for 5 years and still feel like an idiot. The problem is that i still have not figured out what are the golden standard audio/video codec combinations for containers.

    For each container i would like to ask what are the 2 most effective audio/video codec combinations:

    1) AVI
    2) MKV
    3) MPG
    4) MP4
    3) WMV

    Like, for AVI i always did DIVX with LAME audio, for MP4 i used to include H.264 and AAC audio.

    But i still feel stupid, give me at least 2 combinations for each container, will you?
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    mp4:- x264/AAC
    mkv :- x264/AC3 or x264/AAC
    mkv:- x264/DTS

    These are some of my favourites
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    And by x264 you mean h.264 video created with the x264 encoder.

    I usually create
    avi with divx/xvid video and mp3 audio
    mp4 with h264 video and aac audio
    mkv with h264 video and ac3/dts audio
    mpg with mpeg2 video and ac3 audio
    mpg with mpeg1 video and mpa audio
    wmv with wmv3 video and wma audio
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  4. Originally Posted by Artas1984 View Post
    For each container i would like to ask what are the 2 most effective audio/video codec combinations:
    Most effective at what?
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    You can divide codec/container combinations by distribution models.

    DVD authoring - MPeg2 video with AC3 audio in VOB container
    DVDR playback - divx/xvid video with mp3 audio in avi container

    Blu-Ray authoring - Mpeg2/H.264/VC1 video with AC3/DTS/PCM audio in m2ts container
    AVCHD disc authoring - Mpeg2/H.264/VC1 video with AC3 audio in MTS container

    YouTube - h.264 video with AAC audio in a mp4 container

    Post production asset exchange - Uncompressed/MPeg2/h.264 video with PCM audio in MXF* container

    TV broadcast - MPeg2/h.264 video with AC3 audio as separate elementary streams or in MTS container.

    * This is the SMPTE goal but currently MXF has different implementations (e.g. Sony vs Panasonic)
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